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Process Improvement

What is it like partnering with Avanzar?

Our business process is deeply rooted in two truths:

  • We focus on improving the business owner's business value, which leads to the best outcome for the partnership and creates a long-term relationship

  • Probing questions, a yearning for problem-solving, and open collaboration between the owner and us leads to increased profit, growth and business valuation for the business owner


Partnering with us means:

  • Focused on outcomes that minimize the profit bleeding and increase the owner's wealth

  • Using a business success methodology, and tools that have been developed over 20 years in successful business owner partnerships

  • Partnering together, which means we analyze, guide and assist your team; increasing their capabilities and skills, resulting in increased profit, growth, and business value for you

  • In partnership, we will achieve bold results through business diagnostics, active listening, and solid strategic planning 

Step 1

Client Acquisition.jpg

Step 2

Business Planning .jpg

Step 3

Implementation Process.jpg

1. Tackling the uncertain

Phase One:

Strategic business planning

  • Vision development

  • Strategy development

  • Structure development

  • Culture development

2. Plan building

Phase Two:

Operational business planning

  • Products & services

  • Marketing & sales

  • Finances

  • People

  • Systems & processes

3. Performance management

Phase Three:

Ongoing performance management

  • Implementation sessions

  • Management meetings

  • Growing the business

  • Maximizing profit & value

  • Additional services

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