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3/12/2023 - Incentivize Loyal Customers

If you haven't had a sale from a loyal customer recently, take action. Provide a discount, gift certificate, or something else that would be appreciated. This not only helps with future sales but strengthens the relationship with customers.

3/6/2023 - Which is Better

Repeat customers or loyal customers? Repeat customers purchase again, but loyal customers have an emotional connection to a business. They not only return again but become advocates for the business helping it grow.

2/27/2023 - Communications

When communicating with employees about change and goals, communicate with empathy and compassion. People thrive better in an environment of psychological safety when communication is open, honest, and transparent.

2/18/2023 - Reward Failure

Sometimes, you have to take risks in order to achieve success. It's important to not be afraid of failure and recognize it when it happens, as long as the circumstances are right. This is often key for long-term success.

2/13/2023 - The End

Consider future business goals and stay focused. Put in the effort every day to make sure that you are moving towards your long-term objectives.

2/6/2023 - In-Depth Review

Ever conduct an in-depth review of your business? You should. It helps a business grow and prosper.

1/29/2023 - Market Niche

Every small business should know the market niche they are in and target that specific market rather than wasting effort and marketing dollars where there is no potential business.

1/23/2023 - Improvement

Improve something in your business today, even if it’s little. Improvements today improve all of your tomorrows.

1/16/2023 - Become Leaders

How do employees become leaders? They learn new skills through training and mentoring. Prepare emerging leaders today for future responsibilities tomorrow. If you wait to begin training, it will be too late.

1/9/2023 - Customers Remember

They have good memories long after the salesperson forgets. Make sure the satisfaction of a purchase is not turned into dissatisfaction when benefits change and follow-up is forgotten.

1/2/2023 - Pivot When Necessary

When times change and customers change, businesses also have to change. Pivoting at the right time with a new focus can have immense positive effects on a business.

12/26/2022 - Focus on Results

Customers want results. What can the product or service do for me or my business? Forget about small details, how something is made, or processes of a service. Concentrate on benefits.

12/19/2022 - The Pipeline

Every potential customer will not purchase but when the pipeline is full, the chances greatly increase that a sale will be right around the corner. Work on filling the pipeline.

12/12/2022 - A King or Queen

Put customers on a pedestal. Make them feel like a king or queen. They might forget the details of a sales pitch or the value they originally perceived for a product or service purchased, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

11/28/2022 - Business Pivot

Businesses must change with changing times. There is no going back. Once the pivot occurs, it becomes the new normal.

11/14/2022 - Beat the Competition

Customers love new products and services. Innovate to beat the competition. Lead rather than follow.

10/31/2022 - Business Fraud Happens

And, it happens all the time from the least suspected employee. Be vigil, have strong controls, and pay attention to potential red flags. Might be the difference between dollars saved and dollars lost.

10/17/2022 - Hire Right

Because hiring wrong can have disastrous results for a business. Determine what strengths are needed and don’t settle for less.

10/3/2022 - Focus on Value

Consider what your customer wants. How will your product make their life better and easier? It’s about them not you.

9/19/2022 - Cut Costs Not Staff

Employees are the heart of any business. They can be the difference between success and failure. So, when times get tough, carefully consider what expenses can be cut other than employees.

9/5/2022 - Dealing With Customers

Listen more than you speak, but when you speak, speak with confidence and clarity about your product or service.

8/22/2022 - A Good Place to Learn

Your competition. See what they do. Learn from their mistakes. Monitor their reviews. Imitate what they do best.

8/8/2022 - Want to Improve Your Business?

Ask your customers a simple question, “How can we do better?” Now, you know the answer.

7/25/2022 - Get it Done

There are always numerous things to do in a business daily. Progress is only made when something gets done even if it’s only one thing.

7/17/2022 - An Idea

Start with an idea and then create a vision of what that idea could produce. Then it’s time to figure out the execution to make the vision a reality.

7/11/2022 - Fast-Forwarding

Think not only what is going to happen today or tomorrow but fast-forward and think what could happen tomorrow and in the future with certain changes.

7/5/2022 - Accept Mistakes

Only if they provide learning opportunities to improve individual and group performance.

6/27/2022 - Risk Taking

Sometimes in business taking the conservative route leads to conservative results. At times, calculated risk-taking and innovation might be in order to produce greater results.

6/20/2022 - Adaptive Problem Solving

Management must be innovative and adaptive to whatever problem or situation might exist in a business. That’s the ability needed to fix problems and continue to move forward.

6/13/2022 - Optimize

A key word in business. Make the most of time, situations, opportunities, and resources to make the most of your business.

6/6/2022 - Hindrance to Success

Failure of imagination. Businesses need new ideas and creativity to move forward.

6/1/2022 - Multi-Tasking

It’s easy to do just one thing at a time, however, business usually requires doing many things at the same time. Develop a multi-tasking mentality and get more accomplished.

5/29/2022 - Importance of Testing

Each new venture and idea tried should be an important test and source of information and data.

5/22/2022 - A New Day

Each day in business should be considered an experiment rather than simply a routine application of the past producing the same results as the past.

5/15/2022 - A Challenge

One goal for management should be to encourage open communication so junior employees challenge certain decisions when they have different points of view possibly creating a flow of fresh ideas.

5/8/2022 - Business Value

Business value is not only the balance sheet but includes the talent of management and employees, base of loyal customers, and brand awareness. Work on more than just the numbers in a business.

5/1/2022 - Revolutionize

Don’t be afraid to change your mindset while at the same time fundamentally transforming your business.

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