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Business Consulting Services

Avanzar Business Consultant works closely with business owners to develop a plan to help them achieve their business dreams.  This is accomplished by providing services in five strategic areas and nine operational areas. 


The strategic services focus on Personal and Business Vision, Strategy, Structure, and Culture. 


The operational services support the strategic services and focus on finance, expenses, people, systems, processes, marketing, sales, products, and services.


Our pledge to you is that at all times we will only tell you the truth, be transparent, and honest on all matters, always.

Too often, people communicate in a manner that is untruthful because they are afraid to hurt the other person's feelings, they tell comforting lies.  In the long-run, damage is created because the quality of the message is compromised with misinformation, which ends up being deceptive, as a result.

When you hear us being honest or telling the truth, please do not be offended or angry, we are merely wanting to communicate information to you as accurately and honestly as possible while treating you with respect.


Success is a product of FOCUS.  

Avanzar Business Consultant forms long-term trusting relationships with business owners.  We become their trusted advisor and provide strategic business skills, focusing on integral business strategies, and developing a winning business plan for the business owner.  We work with owners and their key employees on how to implement the documentation, policies, tasks and processes required to reach their personal and business vision goals.  Our business model is to diagnose 66 areas of the business to determine where the business is leaking profit and help owners stop the leaking and then grow their business long-term and provide financial certainty for them, in a world where financial certainty is a rare commodity.

We help owners improve their business strategy and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.  Within a short period of time, the business owner will realize increased profits, and growth of the business will increase as well.


About Accredited Small Business Consultants

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Avanzar Business Consultant


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